Interior Decorating Services in Auckland

House Enhancer has creative interior styling solutions to transform your home.  We use a style of decorating called Use What You Have Decorating, this means we work with what you already have to create an amazing space by adding and subtracting items until we get to the perfect look for you.  This is often more cost effective than the standard style of interior design where the design is started from scratch and involves a lot of change. We are happy to work within any budget the client desires.

We advise on colours, furniture, soft furnishings, window treatments, furniture placement and accessories.  This is what we call the finishing touches.  We believe it is this level of detail which makes a house a home. We can also help with decluttering to shift the accumulation of excess items that every home gathers over the years which will help you make the most of your home.

We do not offer a full interior design service or project management service, and while we can sometimes advise on contractors, we do not draw plans, do fixed fittings or project manage your design.

We can also help with decluttering to shift the accumulation of excess items that every home gathers over the years which will help you make the most of your home.

House Enhancement service

If you need some friendly, quick and affordable help freshening up a room or completely transforming it, then you should try our enhancement service. Our consultations include an analysis of your room and discussion of how you would like your room to look and feel. Then in most cases, we rearrange your existing furniture and accessories so that you see results immediately. If required, we can provide you with a written design plan outlining recommendations for future enhancements which may include: paint, lighting, window treatments, color, furniture and accessories to meet your long term decorating goals.


Price:  $110 per hour, trade discounts will be passed on to the client.  Fixed packages can be arranged.


House Dressing for Sale

The House Enhancer specialises in helping owners and real estate professionals prepare the look and feel of their homes for resale. We understand the pyschology of a buyer and seller and we can make a house stand out from the rest in any market.

Selling your home and preparing to move is one of the most stressful things anyone does in life. In order to maximize financial gain and reduce stress it is important that your property looks its best so that it will sell quickly and as close to the asking price as possible. Let us help you make a great first impression for prospective buyers of your home. By re-arranging your furniture and de-cluttering the space to showcase your home’s best features, you can actually realize a higher property value and sell your home for more money. Prospective buyers tend to make a decision within 5 to 10 seconds of walking through your front door. You want to make your house appealing to the widest range of people previewing your home and you want buyers to imagine themselves actually living there.

Decorating to sell is very different than decorating for every day living. We will enable you to showcase your property with confidence that your investment will reach its full potential.

We offer a consulting service for homeowners and real estate professionals that covers:






What image will buyers be left with when they see your house for the first time?

Will they be able to see your homes true potential or will they be distracted by overflowing closets, dark poorly lit rooms, uncomfortable traffic patterns or a back yard they couldn’t get to because of furniture blocking their route?

Call our office for your consultation or e-mail us with your questions at If you’d like to inquire online and register for our free style tips newsletter filled with ideas on how to style your home please subscribe.

Price: $110 per hour,  trade discounts will be passed on to the client. A fixed price package can be arranged.

Colour consultation

Colour governs the way a house looks and feels and is a very powerful tool.  The wrong colours can make a house cold and drab, or alter the shape and feel of a room.  The House Enhancer specialises in creating inviting colour schemes to bring out the best of your house.  We will discuss your preferences, consider the light, space and existing architectural details in the property and create a new colour scheme or compliment your existing scheme. We will discuss the colours of accessories that can be used to give connection through the house.

A complete package will be given with the details of the paints, papers and fabrics suggested together with A4 paint samples.

$110 per hour,  fixed price packages can be arranged.

Decluttering Service

Parting with items you have accumulated over the years can be difficult and distressing.  We can help you decide what to keep and what to bin, donate or recycle. Suitable items can be refurbished or repurposed for a brand new look. After the decluttering is complete, we can assist in storage solutions that lead to a home with more space, more freedom and a more streamlined life for you.

$95 per hour, fixed price packages can be arranged.


Upcycling simply means updating furniture to improve its appearance. It could be as simple as new paint and handles  or re-upholstering a much loved but outdated chair.

If you have furniture that you would love to give a new lease of life we are happy to help with ideas and fabrics.

Part of our business model is to reduce, reuse, recycle.  We encourage people to look at their furnishings in a different way for a natural fit.


Scheme Review

Many people know what they like but are not sure how to start creating their look, or they have decided what they want to do but are worried it might not work and want some reassurance before they start the project.

We can confirm whether your ideas will work and may add some new ideas that will ensure you achieve the design you desire.

Price: $110 per hour,  trade discounts will be passed on to the client for any purchases made.


Procurement Service

Do you need help searching for a particular item for your home, want something unusual or know what you want but need a designer to purchase it for you (many wholesalers cannot sell directly to the public). House Enhancer can provide a procurement service to search for the perfect piece for you.

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